HOBO® U10 Data Loggers

HOBO U10 Data Loggers Here is an interesting gadget – HOBO® U10 Data Loggers. It may record temperature or temperature and relative humidity in indoor environments. The logger has 52K built-in memory to store data and direct USB interface to transfer it to the PC. Using collected information and included HOBOware® software you’ll be able to build time-stamped graphs. From this analysis, you can tell whether the heat is running whenever you’re out in order to change the thermostat temperature to lower costs.

The logger uses CR-2032 lithium battery to get energy (1-year battery life typical).
You can buy HOBO® U10 Data Loggers with temperature sensor for $55 and with temperature/humidity for $69.

[via Ubergizmo]

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    1. ChrisJ, 25. March 2008, 18:40

      I use a datalogger to monitor the humidity in my house (my daughter has an illness which makes her especially susceptible to a high humidity) and I’m thinking about getting a temperature monitor as well, because it seems that we’re spending significantly more money on heating than we ever used. It’ll be interesting to find out if we can adjust our thermostat and save some money.

  • Michael Stepanov, 26. March 2008, 10:36

    Well, Chris, I think you have two options. The first one is connect the thermostat and datalogger to the central home automation system and let to it control of temperature. The second options is to find some “smart” thermostat with built-in temperature sensor and possibility to define some scenarios there. Have a look smarthome.com. You can find there everything for home automation. Especially, if you live in USA.

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