Plutohome is out

pluto logo Plutohome developers team released a new version of their home automation system at 24th of October. I was on vacation in this time. That’s why this announce was a bit deferred. The list of improvments are big:

  • transparency and datagrid animations were added to the Orbiter;
  • new mobile devices can be used as Orbiter – Windows Mobile 2005 based and smartphone Treo 700w;
  • added new screen saver which can display photos from Flickr with various effects;
  • added support of Fast Forward playback for MPEG2 files etc

Full change log is available here. Well, good work. Hovewer, some interesting features: support of Nokia770 as Plutohome Orbiter is still pending, VDR integration (I’m affraid they closed this part) and possibility to use surveillance camera as part of doorphone.

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