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Monster Cable’s Einstein Home Control/Theater System

Monster Cable

Here is a Linux-based Home Control/Theater System from Monster Cable – Einstein. It’s composed of 6 very innovative components like its 2-room-stream DVD changer and 3-zone Sirius radio tuner. Also, it includes a phone remote that easily handles all home theater, home control, and VoIP/Cellular communications. Out of the box, Einstein will support 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet for HD video streaming and will be able to connect wireless through 802.11g/n, Z-Wave and Bluetooth protocols.

[via CRN]

Nexus Psile Premium Multimedia PC

Nexus Psile Premium Multimedia PC

Cool Tech PC announced the launch of Nexus Psile. It’s a compact and good-looking PC with extended multimedia functions. The Nexus Psile features Intel Core Duo or Core 2 Duo CPUs, 350 or 500 GB HDD, Panasonic UJ-845 slim DVD-RW Drive, TV Tuner, External fanless power supply. It’s based on Windows Media Center Edition.

The Nexus Psile can be used as full featured PC and home entertainment appliance or DVR as well. The typical retail cost of a fully loaded and complete Nexus Psile computer system is approximately $1600.00, but there is a possibility to customize configuretion.

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Sling Media’s Next-Gen Slingbox Family

Slingbox Pro

Sling Media lanched three new Slingbox models: Slingbox PRO, Slingbox AV and Slingbox TUNER. Basically, all of them are needed to stream TV content from the different sources – satellite box, set-top-box, DVD etc via LAN to PC or mobile devices. Sling Media significantly increased performance of Slingbox to provide the customer with choice depending on their home TV setup and start at as low as $179.99. The difference beween those models makes conditional upon their use. Slingbox PRO is oriented on home users who are interesting to control many devices and HD. Slingbox AV is a simple variant of Slingbox PRO and it’s suit for standart definition television. Slingbox TUNER can just stream ordinary analog television channels. The prices are tagged at $249.99, $179.99 and $179.99 respectively.

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Monitor Your Home Remotely with Skype

Skype Monitor For Home I came across this Skype hack which turns your PC with webcam and Skype account into surveillance system. Sure if somebody asked about this functionality this means it’s useful. But IMHO it’d much better to use simple IP camera for this purpose. IP camera is more expensive than webcam but it doesn’t need PC to work. Usually, IP camera already includes web server with user interface. So, it needs just an Internet connection.
For example D-Link IP camera (just about $100) exists in two variants: wired and wireless. It allows to monitor your home/office without PC. You have to connect the camera to LAN and configure it via web interface. The camera has built-in web server with web interface and motion detector. It may record video and send notifications via email if some motion will be detected. And so on.

But anyway, if you like Skype you can use it to monitor your home.

New Yahoo! Digital Home Engine

Yahoo! Digital Home

Mediabolic announced a new conception of digital home based on the Yahoo! Digital Home Engine. The Yahoo! Digital Home Engine is a software module which can be installed on PC or a network-attached storage (NAS) product to give consumer electronics devices access to the media from the Yahoo! websites. Currently it’ll work in Japan only. But I think this conception will be expanded to the rest of the world if it’ll be success.

Currently Yahoo! Digital Home Engine covers only entertaiment area. Let’s see how it’ll be integrated with existing home automation systems.

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