A new PepperPad 3 in action

PepperPad 3 Live

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Engadet published live photos of a new Linux-based UMPC PepperPad 3. The unit is 22 mm thick, 0.9 kg weighs and the screen size has been trimmed down to 7-inches. It’s based on AMD LX800 processor and offers SDK to develop some applications. Others improvments since last version include: 3x faster web browsing and enhanced video performance, “faster” 802.11g WiFi and USB 2.0.
The price of new PepperPad is tagged at $700 which is near to Samsung Q1 and TabletKiosk. It’s definitelly geek gadget! I thougn to use a Nokia770 as Plutohome control panel – Orbiter. The new PepperPad 3 may be better canditate for it.

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