Monitor Your Home Remotely with Skype

Skype Monitor For Home I came across this Skype hack which turns your PC with webcam and Skype account into surveillance system. Sure if somebody asked about this functionality this means it’s useful. But IMHO it’d much better to use simple IP camera for this purpose. IP camera is more expensive than webcam but it doesn’t need PC to work. Usually, IP camera already includes web server with user interface. So, it needs just an Internet connection.
For example D-Link IP camera (just about $100) exists in two variants: wired and wireless. It allows to monitor your home/office without PC. You have to connect the camera to LAN and configure it via web interface. The camera has built-in web server with web interface and motion detector. It may record video and send notifications via email if some motion will be detected. And so on.

But anyway, if you like Skype you can use it to monitor your home.

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    1. Jason Dixon, 14. October 2007, 2:44

      The best surveillance system around is Interwatch Security. These guys operate in Real Estate market in Cyprus but I believe they are extending this service into Bulgaria and Turkey shortly.

  • Eric Geryse, 7. November 2007, 2:31

    I have come across Interwatch Security as our friends in Larnaca use their system. They offer a very comphresensive system and our friends speak very highly of them.

    There has been a couple of occassions that the camera needed to be re-configured and Interwatch have acted straight away in re-configure the camera remotely. We don’t require a surveillance system like theirs as we are on a small complex of apartments however should we buy a villa we will be in touch.

    The contact I have is Jason Farley

  • beamcphie, 19. August 2010, 16:48

    Oh the idea was great! I havent tried using skype as a camera surveillance, but I know that it is great, I am also using wireless surveillance camera at home and it is indeed helpful!

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