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A Simple Home Automation Example

Home automation guide

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Here is a simple example of home automation which includes a weather station with a couple of outdoor sensors, surveillance camera, x10 devices such as indoor and outdoor switchers and dimmers. All this stuff is controlled via PC which run under Linux. Also, it uses HEYU – text-based console program for remotely controlling lights and appliances in the home.

This example may give you a general idea about what is the home automation. Moreover, you see that smarthome system can be as complicated as you need.

DIY: Build your own HTPC

Quiet, Efficient Home Theater PC

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I came across this guide from ExtremeTech which may be useful for all who want to build HTPC DIY. It’s not so easy as it can appear at first sight. The guide describes all HTPC components and provides a way to avoid common mistakes. Good luck!

HTPC case producers

When you build your own HTPC there is a one of the mos important part. This part is case. This brief list of HTPC case producers may help you do right choice:

Slingbox HD Connect

Slingbox HD Connect I already wrote about new family of media streamers – SlingBox. It includes a three models which may be used for different purposes. There was not possibility to connect Slingbox to the HD source or TV. Now you can do it with a new Slingbox HD Connector. Just to pay $50 extra and you’ll able to stream HD TV over your LAN. The only one a little problem – the Connector doesn’t support HDMI yet.

The connector will be available in November at price $49.99. But you can preorder it now.

[via Engadget]

A new PepperPad 3 in action

PepperPad 3 Live

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Engadet published live photos of a new Linux-based UMPC PepperPad 3. The unit is 22 mm thick, 0.9 kg weighs and the screen size has been trimmed down to 7-inches. It’s based on AMD LX800 processor and offers SDK to develop some applications. Others improvments since last version include: 3x faster web browsing and enhanced video performance, “faster” 802.11g WiFi and USB 2.0.
The price of new PepperPad is tagged at $700 which is near to Samsung Q1 and TabletKiosk. It’s definitelly geek gadget! I thougn to use a Nokia770 as Plutohome control panel – Orbiter. The new PepperPad 3 may be better canditate for it.

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