Niveus Media Servers

Niveus Media Servers

Niveus Media has announced the 2007 Pro Series media centers, n7 and n9. Pro Series Media Centers are based on Intel Viiv technology and Core 2 Duo Extreme processor and have Nvidia’s GeForce Series 7 Graphics, HDMI output, HD DVD, from 1TB to 3TB HDD, up to 4GB of Memory, boasts up to 4 television tuners (2x NTSC, 2x ATSC) and 8-channel audio.

Additionally, it includes Niveus’ proprietary Glacier Passive Cooling™ technology (active & passive cooling), Niveus ConvergencePanel™, HDMI, RS-232, an integrated flash card reader (SD, MMC), and RAID 5 Hard Drive Data Protection. The Pro Series media centers use Windows Media Center 2005 as operation system.

Niveus Media’s Professional Series n7 and n9 MSRP start at of $6,999 and $14,999, respectively, and is expected to ship September 30, 2006. I’m not surpriced about the price because Niveus Media announced its participation in the following programs: AMX’s InConcert manufacturer partner program, Crestron’s Integration Partner program and Exceptional Innovation’s Life|ware Ready program.

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