Ultra quiet Linux-based media PC


Lx8100-AM2BB-M2NPV-VM HTPC Bare Bone will be interesting for all who’d like to build HTPC by themsevse and not use something ready. The bare bone includes a nice looking case with changeable front plates, LX8100 AMD 939 Motherboard with integrated NVIDIA® GeForceâ„¢ 6150/nForceâ„¢ 430 and SilentX 14dba Power Supply. Additionally, it has the 9-in-1 read reader, TV-Out, DVI, VGA, front USB/1394 and sound ports. There is a possibility to install VFD display to show some useful information.

The bare bond comes with free remote control and Fedora 5 based installation / recovery DVD. The DVD will get Linux users up and running in no time because many applications and drivers like 3D Video drivers, LIRC, sensors, Video for Linux(V4l), sound, TV viewers and radio applications are installed with the needed LIRC bindings for the included remote control.
There are available three configuration on the LinuxToys: without motherboard ($209.00), with motherboard ($319.00) and full set equiped with AMD AM2 3000+, 512 MB RAM, 250Gb HDD, DVD/CDRW, TV-Capture and installed and configured Linux-based media applications such as TV-Time, Kradio and KDETV ($559.00).

We’re going to buy the second configuration to use it as Plutohome Media Director. The nice price and appropriate hardware make this bare bond very attractive to use in Plutohome system.

[via lixsystems]

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