Yet another Skype Certified phone

USRobotics USRobotics announced its new Skype Certified Cordless Phone designed for home and small office use. The set includes the USR9630 Cordless Phone for Skype and the USR9631 Accessory Handset. The USR9630 base station connects to both a traditional phone line and an available USB port (it supports both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0) on a PC running Skype Internet calling software, to make and receive Skype calls and ordinary telephone calls.

Basically, the Skype USRobotics phone doesn’t have anything which can distinguish it from the bunch of others Skype phones. It might more reasonable to buy Siemens Gigaset phone and Gigaset M34 USB, which is compatible with both Skype and Yahoo! Messenger and looks more attractive.
The phone will be available in September for $119.99 and the accessory handset will be available in October for $69.99. It’s a bit strange because the phone cannot work without handset.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

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