Media Center PC: Compact and Power

Media Center PC

TG Trust, the very well-known Korean PC manufacturer, has announced LITTLE LLUON – Media Center PC in the compact form-factor and nice specification:

  • AMD Turion ML-32 CPU
  • 512MB of DDR333
  • DVD Combo
  • nVidia 6200 128MB (On board)
  • TV Tuner
  • 4-in-1 memory card slot
  • DVI, S-Video

The Media Center is supposed to work under XP Media Center Edition 2005. But I think that it’s good candidate to build HTPC based on VDR or MythTV. Also, taking into consideration that LITTLE LLUON includes nVidia graphic chipset it can be used as Media Director in the home automation system based on Plutohome.

The Media Center is noicseless and good looking. So, it won’t breack your living room interior. The price and availability is not listed yet.

[via Akihabaranews]

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