Monolith Media Center

Monolith Media Center Monolith Media Center is a Ubuntu Linux-based HTPC which uses MythTV as Media Center Software. It allows to watch, record and pause LiveTV, play DVD/CD/MP3 and see photos.

The system is built on ASUS P1-PH1 System. Additionally it includes 200GB Hard Drive,
Single TV Tuner, DVD-R Drive and P4 3.0GHz CPU, IR receiver and remote control.

The price is $649.99 which is good enough if don’t want to spend your time to build your own media center from the scratch.

For all who are not affrade make they hand dirty there is a good recipt from the developer of the Monolith Media Center how to create a media center using Ubuntu and MythTV. Here is also his Ubuntu MythTV Blog, which may help you keep track of all the latest developments in this area along with helpful reference links.

For Europen multimedia fans may be useful this guide by UK Ubuntu / MythTV enthusiast, Gary Parker.

Personally, I prefer VDR as Media Center Software and build the center from the scratch. Because in this case I can choose right parts instead of using predefined ones. Currently I prepare a configuration for HTPC with VDR and I’ll write a brief guide.

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