Solar Color PIR Camera

Solar Color PIR Camera offers a solar powered color wireless outdoor camera. The camera has built-in motion detector. So it transmits images and voices only if it’s needed. The good feature of this camera is a solar battery:

The 2.4GHz Solar Color PIR Camera’s solar panel uses the sun’s rays to run and maintain a charge to the camera battery during daylight hours. A negligible amount of energy is released by the long-life rechargeable battery to operate the camera at night. While the camera will work after sunset, it requires a minimum light of 3 Lux to capture images.

Cyprus is the good place to use this camera. Here is a lot of sunny days!

The price of Solar Color PIR Camera is just $159.99.

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    1. Jason Dixon, 14. October 2007, 0:36

      This is a very good device and sounds like it be useful.

      we looked at something like this but for reasons we decided against it. We have chosen the Interwatch Security solution to monitor our home.

      You don’t need any technical knowledge. We install the cameras, manage the network and administer the server.

      We can login anytime of the day to view our property. We have three cameras installed, two external and one internal. The good thing is we have chosen the Gold package with phone alerts so should motion be detected an email is sent we also receive an SMS text message.
      We can also view the villa from my works pc and my Fujitsu Siemens pocket Loox. We’ve had this type of surveillance now for around three months and so far so good.


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