Tuner tool for Nokia 770

Nokia 770 is the best product of Nokia (IMHO). It’s based on Linux and has open API and architecture. That fact clarifies a huge number of third party applications hosted on maemo.org. Here is a brief review of the latest ones:

1. Tuner tool (home page).

It’s based on GStreamer and KISS FFT library to perform a fourier transform on a signal and extract fundamental frequency. The version 0.0.2 has a piano keyboard to generate reference tones.


2. Zip and Unzip for Nokia 770 (home page)

This is an adaptation of popular archivator for Nokia770.

3. New home applets.

There were just a couple applets in the first version of Nokia 770. Now you can use Bluetooth plugin, CPU/Mem/Screenshot applet or IpHome homepage-plugin. Additioanlly, linux geeks will be glade to use VIM, Midnight Commander, Links, IRSSI IRC client, Rdesktop. Developers can use Python or SmallBASIC.

All those applications and even more you can find in the Maemo Application Catalog or in the alternative repositories. The brief but informative explanation howto work with Nokia770 can be find in the article “Linux on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet”.

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