Starter Kit For Home Automation

Omni IIE

Smarthome offers a starter kit for home automation and security Omni IIE. It’s for bothe home and small business. Omni IIE comes a Omni IIe controller, UPB powerline interface module, OmniTouch Color Touchscreen, Electronic communicating thermostat, Temperature sensor and End-of-line resistors. You can use any x10 or UPB devices to control them via Omni IIE.

Omni IIE allows to control lights, schedule some actions by time, sunrise, sunset, and date or day of week and various system events. Omni IIE support up to 16 security zones which can be extended to 48. It offers 16 user codes with selectable authority levels.
The home automation system based on Omni IIE can be controlled via OmniTouch Color Touchscreen, land line telephone or web interface (uses with HAI WEB-LINK II software package for Windows only).

Omny IIE is avalable at $1299.99 and seems appropriate solution for starting automation with your home. If you don’t think so, maybe this approach will be more suitable for you.

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