Keep watch over your vehicle

TruScene TS-1L Many people were in the situation when they came to their cars and found out some damages. It’s difficult or maybe impossible to find a witness and get a compensation. The British company TruScene offers an elegant solution – The TruScene TS-1L camera. The camera should be mounted internally on the front windscreen (there is also an option to purchase a rear mounted camera for fitting to the rear screen). If the car is involved in an accident that results in a pre-determined g-force, then a g-force motion sensor is activated and the video image is transferred to non-volatile memory for storage. The camera can be easyly connected to the PC to download video.

Additionally, the camera has built-in LCD display for adjastment and integraded GPS to allow for the location of the footage to be embedded onto the clip as well as the time.

Hovewer, the price is not so cheap – $1,000. But it depends on your car.

[via Engadget]

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