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IPTV Encoders From MatrixStream


MatrixStream Technologies, Inc., a technology company specializing in full integrated, end to end IPTV solutions (software / set top box / servers / encoders ), introduced a new series of encoders: IMX4000 and IMX4500. The encoders are optimized for IPTV. It allows to offers broadcast quality television and video related services over the public Internet. Also, MatrixStream IPTV encoders supports Matrixstream patent pending XMS streamingâ„¢ solution, optimized for 750 kbps for DVD quality streams and 2.5 Mbps for high definition quality streams (it might be interesting for you to read “Prepare LiveTV for limited bandwith howto“)
The full press release is available here.

Yet another Skype Certified phone

USRobotics USRobotics announced its new Skype Certified Cordless Phone designed for home and small office use. The set includes the USR9630 Cordless Phone for Skype and the USR9631 Accessory Handset. The USR9630 base station connects to both a traditional phone line and an available USB port (it supports both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0) on a PC running Skype Internet calling software, to make and receive Skype calls and ordinary telephone calls.

Basically, the Skype USRobotics phone doesn’t have anything which can distinguish it from the bunch of others Skype phones. It might more reasonable to buy Siemens Gigaset phone and Gigaset M34 USB, which is compatible with both Skype and Yahoo! Messenger and looks more attractive.
The phone will be available in September for $119.99 and the accessory handset will be available in October for $69.99. It’s a bit strange because the phone cannot work without handset.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

Philips Pronto Professional

Pronto Professional

Philips is going to announce its new IR controller Pronto Professional TSU9600 on CEDIA 2006. The TSU9600 has “ultra-reliable wireless extenders, and more functionality for multi-room solutions”. The unit will be programmed with a new software called ProntoEdit Professional which will make programming procedure easily.

The 3.7-inch touchscreen has an amazing 640 x 480 (full VGA) display, giving it a higher pixel density than any current touchscreen home control unit. The display has a virtually unbreakable protective screen cover that eliminates a potential cause of failure in touchscreen devices.

[via RemoteShoppe]

Home Automation Controller

Home Automation Controller Smarthome offers a new home automation controller mServer Residential Edition. It can be connected to any home network, allowing real-time monitoring, status and control from any connected PC. The mServer includes the pre-installed software application for home automation, which maintains schedules, monitors events and manages your home, even while you are not there. The mServer software runs as a Windows service. So, it’s easy to use Windows-based software application. The controller provides a remote user interface via a built-in web server.

The mServer is compatible with the most of well-known home automation devices such as IP-based security cameras Axis and D-Link, security system Elk M1Gold, HVAC climate control systems RCS and ACT, irrigation controller SimpleHomeNet, IR and relay system Global Cache. The controller supports home automation protocol INSTEON, Z-Wave and, of course, X10.

You can buy the mServer on Smarthome at $1399.99.

Whole-House Audio and Video System

Whole-House Audio

Here is A/V multiroom solution for your home – 8-Source 8-Zone Controller/Amplifier. It allows to play 8 different A/V components through 8 zones of your home. The system includes MZC-88 controller, 8 keypads, cables and other parts for installation. All do you need is to mount the controller into rack , connect your DVD, CD, satellite, VCR and/or any other source of audio or video to the controller, install keypads and wire the controller with output devices: TV or audio systems. Each keypad has built-in IR receivers to control your system using your existing remotes.

The 8-Source 8-Zone Controller/Amplifier is available on Smarthome at $4809.99.

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