Mini-Air Watch 4 Wireless Color Camera Kit

Color Camera Kit The Mini-Air Watch4 Wireless Color Camera Kit is a tiny wireless security color camera system for homes or small businesses. It comes with four wireless video cameras, a video receiver and remote control.

The cameras may transmit video and sound from up to 30 meters away indoors or 100 meters away with clear line of sight.

The kit can be appropriate solution for reasonable price – $299.99. But it has some limitations. One of the most serious is lack of possibility to integration with a home automation system or at least connection to the recorder via network. In this point of view it maybe better to buy simple IP camera such as Genius IP Network Security Camera IPCAM SECURE300.

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    1. beamcphie, 19. August 2010, 16:50

      Wireless surveillance camera is indeed useful in protecting any areas of concern.

  • zarc@spy cam, 23. October 2011, 2:26

    i agree with about buying the IP camera rather than this, IP cameras are really great, with its key feature, sending data through the use of internet, even though you are not around the perimeter of your camera as long as you know the IP of it, you can use it

  • plaster molds, 29. November 2011, 11:47

    This kinds of cameras can indeed enhance the security of a certain area, i.e a compartment of goods or a storage, you can easily watch over it 24/7, even you are far on that area.

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