Creston 2-way WiFi controller

Creston TPMC-4X handhelf WiFi Isys i/O TPMC-4X handheld WiFi touchpanel is more than universal remote control. It’s the first handheld touchpanel controller that offers true 2-way WiFi communication to control AV, lighting, HVAC, shades and screens from anywhere in the building. TPMC-4X comes with an interesting user interface that uses dynamic graphics and system status feedback. The controller features:

  • Stylish and ergonomic handheld design
  • 3.5″ active matrix touchscreen display, 240 x 320 resolution
  • 16-bit Isys i/O graphics | Synapse image rendering algorithm
  • Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system
  • 802.11b Wi-Fi 2-way wireless communications
  • Wireless video support
  • Backlit hard buttons, thumbpad, and toggle wheel
  • Includes stylus with onboard storage slot
  • Includes docking station and Li-Ion battery pack

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