Howto Buy UMPC

Howto Buy UMPC

UMPCs – Ultra Mobile PCs are coming to our life. They are going to replace PDA and Notebooks in some cases. So, it’d be nice to to know all refinements before starting to buy UMPC. The big and great The Carrypad UMPC Buyers Guide can help potential owners of UMPC to find appropriate model. The author talks about OS choices, disk size, form-factors, screen size and battery life. At the end of the guide the author gives an example of ideal UMPC

  • 5-7″ 800×640 Touch Screen
  • Detachable Mini Keyboard
  • Wifi, BT2.0, SD slot, USB2.0
  • 600mhz advanced processor. (powerful enough to run good quality mpeg-4 video)
  • 3 hour battery
  • Min 10GB storage
  • Reduced OS
  • Price: $600

I’ll need to buy some UMPC (Origami) in the nearest future to use it as Plutohome Orbiter. So, I’ll follow this guide.

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