Daewoo Solo M1 UMPC

Daewoo Lucoms Solo M1 UMPC

Daewoo has launched a new UMPC – the Lucoms Solo M1. The specifications are standard UMPC:  low voltage 900MHz Intel Celeron processor, 7-inch touchscreen, 512MB of RAM, Bluetooth, WiFi, Windows XP Tablet Edition OS. Additionally, the UMPC includes the S-Video out on its useful looking docking cradle (enables use as a PVR), a 1.3Mp camera (enables use as a videophone), SD card reader (good for photographers) and a DMB TV receiver (good for selling the device with a TV contract where coverage exists.)

The price of the Lucoms Solo M1 is about US$1000 in Korea.

[via The Carrypad UMPC journal]

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