Put A PC In Your Car

Car PC If you’re licky owner of Lexus IS220 or something similar this article is not for you. The article describes a procedure of preparation and installation mini-ITX PC in the car. Among the subjects under discussion are:

  • heat and power – the car PC should consume not much energy and doesn’t get too warm;
  • vibration and shock – it’s a car and roads are not perfect;
  • operability – the car PC should be useful and handy.

Concerned readers can find a list of all needed components and detailed steps to build and install PC in the car.

Another way to have the PC in your car is to install Mac Mini. You can find here an information and a bunch of photos.

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    1. Gilad, 13. July 2006, 0:36

      I kept seeing these articles for putting computers in your car, but I couldn’t figure out what you would do with a computer in your car. Then I saw an H2 Hummer built by a company called Unwired Vehicles at the Concours on Rodeo event that had a computer with voice control.

      It had special applications that worked under voice control for email, MP3 play and Local Search. They also did video conferencing to/from the Hummer.

      If I can use voice to read/write emails while driving… now that is cool.

      Anyway I found a web page with more information and pictures at http://www.unwiredvehicles.com/uvhummer.htm

  • Michael Stepanov, 13. July 2006, 10:57

    Thanks for the link on the interesting article! I think that my example of car PC is not so professional. Mainly it’s just for fun. You can play MP3/DVD, add GPS, store photos from your cam (in some trip). Add voice control there is not so easy as I understand. But the proffessional solution is expensive and … you shoud have respective car to spend so much money,
    Anyway, thanks for your comment!

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