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New ZON Multi-Room Audio System

ZON Asheridge Communications, the specialist provider of audio visual, testing and home networking solutions, has launched the new ZÕN multi-room audio system. To build the system you have to choose 30W or 60W Controllers/Amplifiers, ZON Router, ZON Input Module and variety connectors and expanders. They are compatible with the vast majority of audio sources and connect together on an all-digital system architecture, integrating fully and easily with standard Cat5 structured wiring to ensure quick and simple installation. The system can cover more than 1,000 rooms (in case of NaimNet, for example, we told about 1.8 million rooms and wireless connection).

The Controller/Amplifier provides in-room amplification through its 30 or 60 Watt all-digital stereo amplifier and passes IR commands to source devices in the home through built-in infrared receiver.

The input module offers input connections for analogue, digital, and optical audio sources as well as an IR output, all in one convenient single-gang, standard-sized module.

In my mind the biggest disadvantage of the ZON system is a wire connection. The system seems to be appropriate only for new houses with special preparation. Also, I’m not sure about integration with existing home automation systems. The better way is to build the multiroom music system based on Squeezebox or Transporter from Slim Deices.

[via AutomatedHome]

Prepare LiveTV for a limited bandwith

Recently I did good hack with VDR and streamdev-server. I added a possibility to preprocess LiveTV stream before streaming it via LAN. I wrote a simple howto “Prepare LiveTV for a limited bandwith howto”. So, hope it’ll useful for you and save your time.

Linux Rules The Digital Home

Sonos Tivo

It seems Linux wins in the area of Digital Home devices:

This leaves CE makers, and start-ups with one option – Linux. The embedded Linux has already been adapted and widely deployed in everything from Sharp PDAs to Motorola Mobile Phones to set-top boxes. Many of the newer digital music systems such as Sonos are powered by the little Penguin. TiVo, for example is based on a version of Linux. So is DirecTV’s set-top box! Moxi, is another set-top box maker that uses Linux. AT&T HomeZone is powered by Linux as well.

Mini-Air Watch 4 Wireless Color Camera Kit

Color Camera Kit The Mini-Air Watch4 Wireless Color Camera Kit is a tiny wireless security color camera system for homes or small businesses. It comes with four wireless video cameras, a video receiver and remote control.

The cameras may transmit video and sound from up to 30 meters away indoors or 100 meters away with clear line of sight.

The kit can be appropriate solution for reasonable price – $299.99. But it has some limitations. One of the most serious is lack of possibility to integration with a home automation system or at least connection to the recorder via network. In this point of view it maybe better to buy simple IP camera such as Genius IP Network Security Camera IPCAM SECURE300.

Slim Devices released Transporter

the Transporter

Slim Devices – well-known company which produced amazing music streamer Squeezbox, announced its new product Transporter. The Transporter is the network High-End music player. Unlike its small brother Squeezbox it has a bunch of outputs: XLR, optical, S/PDIF, and coax ins and outs. Additionally, the Transporser has astounding analog support:

The AK4396 “Miracle DAC” was chosen for its high dynamic range and low distortion. Its low out-of-band noise allows for the use of low-order output filters with higher cutoffs, resulting in preservation of phase and reduced distortion in the audible band. This extraordinary accuracy at higher frequencies allows Transporter to resolve the exact staging of instruments and the finest details of any recording.

The Transporter may be an alternative to Sonos Digital Music System.The Slim Devices Transporter will be available this Septermer but you can preorder it with price $1,999 and get a gift – Squeezebox!

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