Nokia 770 Big Brother

Pepper Computer’s announced Pepper Pad 3 – Linux-basd UMPC. It features AMD processor (Samsung Q1 also was switched to AMD), 7.0” 800×480 WVGA TFT LCD, 256 MB DDR SDRAM, 20 or 30 GB 1.8” disk drive (ATA), a bunch of communication options ( Wi-Fi 802.11b/g / WEP / WPA, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR and Dual IR emitters and IR receiver) and inputs/outputs (USB 2.0 host and device, stereo headphone OUT, component VIDEO OUT, microphone IN).
The price of Pepper Pad 3 is also nice – US$700 (Nokia770 is US$350). It’s supposed to launch in August.
I work with Plutohome. So, I see on this kind of devices as on potential candidates to be Pluto control console – Orbiter. Currently, it supports only WebDT 366, which is expensive and old enough. The coming UMPCs seem very appropriate but unfortunatelly I couldn’t have possibility to test them yet. I played only with Nokia 770 but it’s another story 🙂

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