Top technological features for smarthome

Pre-set lighting controls: Allows lighting to be programmed in several favoured formats, for example a “dinner party” setting or a “watching television” format. Lights can also be set to dim over time
Fingerprint entry system: Foolproof in theory, though some users have complained the system can be temperamental
Fully-programmable audio system: Allows you to store your favourite pieces of music and to play them throughout the house using a hand-held unit. All the rage until the iPod came along and did pretty much the same job for a fraction of the price.
Induction cooker hobs: Produce heat only when a saucepan is placed on them
Swimming pool with ionisation filtration system: Avoids the need for chlorine and its associated smells, which allows swimming pools to be incorporated more closely into the living space
Infra-red taps: Turn on and off in response to heat produced by the hands; no need for dirty fingers to touch the taps
Automated blinds and curtains: Blinds open and shut according to pre-set pattern; fools burglars into thinking you are at home when in fact you are on a beach in St Lucia
Home cinema: Increasingly popular in upmarket developments; a good use of a dark basement
CCTV relayed to your mobile phone: You can see what is going on in and around your home when you are on the other side of the world

Coming soon
Automatic re-stocking fridge: Scans barcodes and could be programmed to re-order items when you are running low, and arrange delivery via an internet grocer
Automatic diagnosing toilet: An innovation, confined as yet to science magazines, which analyses effluent and contacts your doctor if necessary. Could spot trouble early, but not everybody wants a doctor spying on them

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