Plutohome Web Orbiter howto

A Web Orbiter seems good to use it on the devices which have a web browser with JavaScript support. To use it just do following:

  1. Add a new Generic Web Device from Peripherals as a Child device for your Core. The new Generic Proxy Orbiter will be created automatically on this stage.
  2. Wait when generation procedure finishes (you should see a message on some active Orbiter or check Orbiter page: Wizard — Devices — Orbiters).
  3. Quick reload router.
  4. Access to Web Orbiter from URL http://core_ip/pluto-admin/weborbiter.php on the device.

During setup the Web Orbiter I faced with some strange problem. I saw the message on the OnScreen Orbiter about finish of generation of Web Orbiter. Then I reloaded router and tried to access to Web Orbiter. As result I got en error:
"Connect to proxy orbiter failed, please try again"
But I saw the second message about end of generation of the Web Orbiter. After that it started work fine except displaying some buttons (in my case – media buttons).
The Web Orbiter looks good and works fast. So, the next step is to test Cisco7970 as Orbiter.

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