Prepare for Nokia 770 development

Recently Nokia has released an excellent device – Internet Tablet 770. It’s based on Debian Linux and it seems attractive for open source developers (see a bunch of already created applications). My interest for Nokia 770 conditions on possibility to use it as Plutohome Orbiter – graphical console to controle Smarthome system. It’s compact, has touch-screen and supports SDL – Simple DirectMedia Layer which is used to build a graphical user interface for Orbiter.
To start programming for Nokia 770 you have to setup development environment included Scratchbox cross-compilation toolkit, Maemo SDK rootstrap and X server (Xephyr or Xnest). The process of installation those software is described clearly here but there is a simlier way to do it. You need to download an installer and it does all work for you: downloads tarballs, installs and configures them. you need to just answer to a couple questions, prepare a cup of coffee and read your favourite news 🙂
I’ve already tried both ways. I’d like to say that the sacond is the best!

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