The era of digital TV

Digital TV is coming. Everybody can buy a dish and receiver to watch satellite TV. It isn’t issue. But an ordinary receiver cannot give you desired flexibility and fuctionality. How you can record a channel stream? How you can watch one channel and stream another? How, how, how. The answer is to use PC to build yourown personal video recorder (PVR). But to do that you have to have not only hardware like DVB-card to get signal from the satellite dish, MPEG-convertors and so on. You need to have some software. Basically, there are three the most famous Linux-based platforms to build PVR: Freevo, MythTV and VDR. They allow to watch satellite or cable TV, record to the hard drive, stream digital signal over IP network, burn DVD etc. Using them it’s so easy to build a flexible and power home theatre.
As I already wrote I’m interestied in smart home technoligies. Home theatre is one of important componets of smart home. So, I have to dive into digital TV as well. Basically, I’ll work with VDR because it’s good designed (VDR has a plugin structure) and developed especially for European TV market (thanks to Klaus).

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