How to install VDR

VDR I talked about possibility to build PVR from PC. So, it’s time to say how to install VDR. It can be done by many ways (sounds like Perl slogan):

  1. Traditional method to build from sources. Get latest version from VDR FTPstable or developer versions depend of your requirements. Here is a good explanation howto install VDR from the sources on Slackware and Mandriva Linux. It can be used for other distributions as well.
  2. Build from RPMs. I use Fedora Core that’s way I give you RPM resource for it:
  3. Use one of existing Linux-based distribution which already contains VDR – LinVDR or arVDR

Personally I installed VDR from RPMs. In my mind it’s the best way if you’d like to have VDR on your PC where is already installed Lunix. it’s easy to update and maintain RPM installed applications IMHO. Also, there are availabe RPMs for several VDR plugins as well in the repository. But to install a plugin which doesn’t packaged yet you should have VDR source.

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