XBMC 10.0 Dharma is out

A few days ago a new version of the most advanced and popular software to build HTPC was released. I’m talking about XBMC 10.0, of course. It got codename Dharma and its development took almost one year. The changelog of 10.0 is big and you can see it here. I’d like to highlight a few interesting features such support of modern codec WebM/VP8, improved hardware acceleration DXVA2 for Vista and Win7, VDPAU and VAAPI for Linux and CrystalHD for all platforms. The good news for all who’d like to watch and record satellite or terrestrial TV. XBMC 10.0 includes PVR functionality (based on VDR I guess).

So, download and try it. It’s possible to do even without installation using LiveCD. And don’t forget about applications for Android and iPhone which turn smartphones into advanced remote control for XBMC.

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