Installing XBMC on Karmic with VDPAU and VDR


This brief howto explains clearly how to install XBMC on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic with supporting of hardware acceleration VDPAU and integrate it with Video Disk Recorder (VDR) – popular software to build receiver for digital TV. All installations are done using packages which is much simpler that build everything from the sources. The integration between XBMC and VDR is done via VDR streamdev-server (there is an another approach based on scripts to switch between XBMC and VDR).

Except installation instructions that howto contains very useful diagram of XBMC LIRC remote action mapping (see it below). As you may see setup of LIRC remote control under XBMC is not so easy task as for the rest HTPC software. Many thanks to author for clarification of that important aspect!

If you have some troubles with VDR installation here is another howto which might help you to setup VDR with VDPAU support under Ubuntu Karmic.

XBMC and LIRC communication

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