Run Ubuntu and XBMC on PS3

As you may know Sony removed OtherOS feature from the latest PS3 firmware to avoid installation any other OS there. But madshaun1984 found the way to bypass that restriction. He was able to install Ubuntu and XBMC on the PS3. Here is a short instruction how to do it. Cool hack but without a practical application in my opinion. I think using PS3 as HTPC is a controversial decision. First of all it’s very noisy. When you play game it doesn’t matter. But when you watch non-action movie it can be really annoying. Secondly, the PS3 should be reboot if you want to watch movie after game or vice versa. It’d be much more convenient to buy or assemble compact, noiseless and non-expensive HTPC based on nVidia Ion and enjoy movies with it and games with PS3.

[via Engadget]

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