LinuxMCE and iPhone

LinuxMCE iPhone Remote

Almost all well-known produces of hardware and software for home automation and entertainment area have iPhone/iPod Touch application to control their devices and systems. LinuxMCE doesn’t provide such possibility yet. But that situation is going to change soon. For example, it’s already ready basic web Orbiter adopted for Apple devices – iOrbiter. It’s based on iPhone User Interface Framework iUI. I tested it with my 0710 installation (see a few screenshots here). It works fast, provides basic functionality to search and play media and run scenarios. I’m sure it’ll be extended soon.

Another way to control LinuxMCE from iPhone will be LMCE Remote. It’s native iPhone application (see image above). As wiki page describes the it’s almost ready. Source code should be in the LinuxMCE repository and the application will be available via App Store and LinuxMCE site (I guess). So, when it happens many existing users will be happy as well as new ones will get a good opportunity to try LinuxMCE.

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    1. Sam, 12. March 2010, 12:56

      Thanks Michael! The source code for the app is now available for those who want to test it. There is a link from the wiki page above.


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