Stable version of nVidia 180.22 has been released

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The stable version 180.22 of nVidia video drivers was released yesterday. Following main changes were done since last release:

  • Support of CPU 9XXX and some 8XXX and 7XXX.
  • Added initial support for PureVideo-like features via the new VDPAU API (see the vdpau.h header file installed with the driver). The VDPAU API is already implemented in the mplayer, libxine, ffmpeg, vlc and MythTV.
  • Added support for CUDA 2.1.
  • Added preliminary support for OpenGL 3.0.
  • Added new OpenGL workstation performance optimizations.
  • Enabled the glyph cache by default and extended its support to all supported GPUs.

A bunch of bugs found in the previous version of the drives was fixed.
The nVidia 180.22 video drivers are available for Linux (IA32, AMD64/EM64T), Solaris and FreeBSD.

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