Westell MediaStation

Westell MediaStation

Westell MediaStation can be named as a new concept PC for home. It’s a small device featured with 6.5″ (400×240) LCD touchscreen display, integrated camera and speakers. It uses WinCE.NET 5.0 and offers a bunch of possibilities to use it:

  • delivering media content from Intenet: video, audio, pictures;
  • phone calls: land-line, VoIP and video;
  • up to four phone handsets can be added and personalized for each family member;
  • extending hardware functionality via USB ports;
  • extending software by using SDK coming with device.

Westell MediaStation offers most needed functionality for home users together with portability and stylish design. If its price is reasonable, it may hit the market.

[via eHomeAutomated]

P. S. The same things (except connection separate handsets) and more can be done with Nokia N800 and coming N810. IMHO Linuxbased Internet Tablet is better option.

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