LinuxMCE 0710 is coming

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Good news from LinuxMCE development team. The new version of LinuxMCE is going to be released by the end of November. That version will be based on Kubuntu 7.10 and will include following major changes:

  • Both a 32 and 64 bit version
  • Support for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray playback, as well as integration with MPlayer
  • 1080p on the nVidia graphics platform
  • Better integration with MythTV
  • The inclusion of VDR, popular with the European Satellite users
  • Naturally lots of bug fixes and tweaks

As you may see many significant improvements will be done in the entertainment area: full HDTV, MythTv and VDR. Daniel Kristjansson, one of the main developers for MythTV, will coordinate integration between MythTV and LinuxMCE. It’d be nice to find somebody from VDR community also.

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