Blueado HTPC “Sport Edition”

Blueado m5e is a Mac mini-inspired home theater PC. There is a “Sport Edition” of m5e. It’s packing in 2.0GHz Pentium M processor, integrated graphics, 2Gb RAM , HDD 400Gb and analog and digital tuners. Blueado has a wide variety of connectivity options such as USB 2.0, FireWire, DVI, VGA, S-video, and digital coax — along with Dolby Digital and DTS support for hooking up your surround sound speakers to the included RCA outputs. To complete a picture m5e includes a DVD burner, remote control, and million-in-one card reader.

The original version is priced by $1500. “Sport Edition” features add another $500 to this amount. Mac Mini seems more appropriate to build home theater (price is lower and set of features is the same nearly) except it’s difficult to install here Linux but it’s another story.

Blueado HTPC

[via Engadget]

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